The Donkey Sanctuary – Visiting our adopted boy Henry

Today I went on a visit to The Donkey Sanctuary, in Manchester with my Mum and her Boyfriend Chris.

For Mother’s Day, I adopted my Mum a Donkey (named Henry) because she adores them and we had the privilege of meeting him today for the first time. We will definitely be paying some more visits and I would encourage everybody else to do the same.

There isn’t enough awareness, or appreciation, of The Donkey Sanctuary and the life changing work they do 365 days a year.

I would like to begin by saying how pleased I was to see how well the gorgeous Donkeys were taken care of. They had plenty of space to move around, a large sleeping area, plenty of food (including treats like ginger biscuits and carrots) and fresh water available and it was very clear that the Donkeys are loved and cared for unconditionally. They had obviously grown comfortable with the staff caring for them. And all of this warms my heart and fills it with joy.

The Donkey Sanctuary is an international charity, which has been running for 45 years, which aims to transform the lives of Donkeys throughout The World, whether they’ve been abandoned, abused or if they simply cannot be taken care of anymore. This sanctuary is incredible as they are compassionate and will never turn a Donkey down, regardless of their age or their state of health.

The Donkey Sanctuary are also an assisted therapy centre, working with Children with additional needs and/or sensory issues. Children are always said to be more relaxed when with animals, as they are not judgemental and due to their caring, therapeutic side. I speak from personal experience as I find all animals to be of more use than any therapy.  This aspect of the sanctuary also allows the children, and visitors, to form bonds and trust with the donkeys, which is always such a lovely feeling.

It was incredible being able to visit Henry, knowing that our donations go towards his basic care, husbandry and health needs. Without forgetting to mention the fact that he is absolutely gorgeous and approvingly very well fed… as you can tell by looking at his huge tummy!

In total, The Donkey Sanctuary (in Manchester) has a grand total of 18 beautiful Donkeys. Each with their own stories and their own unique, cheeky personalities. There was only 1 female, you can imagine that she’s treated like a Queen.

Today, during my visit, a Donkey had become injured (due to rough play with another Donkey) and within seconds a member of staff was on board to treat the Donkey and mend him back to good health. The Donkey had hurt his eye; he was soon running around again cheekily alongside his 17 friends. It was refreshing to see how observational the staff were during this time.

When the Donkeys are old enough to retire, they go off to the partner sanctuary in Devon with lots of other Donkeys to spend their older years in a brand new location. Basically a holiday for the Donkeys.

Please go and visit if you get the opportunity to, you will be amazed by how content the Donkeys are thanks to this charity.

Lots of love and hugs,

Laur xx


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