Little Owl Farm

As an aspiring animal rehabilitation/orphanage worker I deem it necessary to gain experience working within the animal care industry, before and during my time at University. By doing this, I aim to gain newfound knowledge aswell as building my confidence up when it comes to approaching people and educating them on my animal knowledge and my understanding regarding unique and beautiful animal species that people may not know much about.

I also enjoy spending my time in the company of animals as they do not judge you and they have a caring and therapeutic side which works wonders for myself, and plenty of others too. When with animals, I gain confidence and I am able to refind my compassionate side which works wonders when I am struggling to find the motivation to care for myself properly.

One of my favourite placements has been at the Little Owl Farm, in Oldham which I strongly advise you all to visit. I am so glad I found it and my only regret is being unable to take my animal friends home with me!  You will have an amazingly wonderful time and will be in such a loving, tranquil environment in a beautifully scenic spot, alongside beautiful animals and wonderful people.

Prior to heading to this farm, I had never been to Oldham and it was challenging to travel such a distance on my own using public transport. Though, I managed well and I safely and happily arrived at the farm in freezing temperatures during my first visit back in February. I must add, Google maps is highly underrated and I imagine I wouldn’t have been as successful in my travels without it.

The farm is incredible, the owners made me feel like family and they hold a big place in my heart. I felt very welcomed and comfortable too which was lovely considering I am usually very anxious when it comes to new people. It is the same whenever I am at the farm and being there makes me happy and relaxed and as though I had been there all along.

Cindy, John and their young son Izaak have created this farm and a wonderful home for lots of gorgeous animals on their own and have worked incredibly hard to get to the point they’re at. They are wonderful and obviously very knowledgeable with regards to animals and their welfare. It is obvious that this family are passionate about what they do and they very clearly have a strong love for animals.

There are now regular events which take place there at the farm, including charity fundraising events and a range of fun activities going on for the Children during school holidays and birthdays.

This farm is going to be very successful, well, even more successful than it already is, and I can’t wait to see Cindy and John’s hard work paying off more and more, I can’t think of anybody who deserves it more than this lovely couple. Since opening over a year ago, the farm has already gained lots more visitors and has welcomed some new animal arrivals. Yay!

Go and visit, make new animal friends, get up and close to them, maybe even get your face painted or enjoy a bite to eat at the cafe!

Lots of love and hugs,

Laur x

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