Summer – A time where mental illnesses still remain

Hello lovely people,

Today I will be touching upon an issue which I find of an important nature, and something that needs to be spoken about more and more.

If you live in The UK, you will have realised that the weather has become warmer and that temperatures are soaring. Having said this, Summer is amazing for a number of different reasons, including longer lighter days and flowers blooming.

Summer doesn’t equal happiness. Everybody has their own personal things that make them happy. Happiness can be sought from different things, including spending time with animals, meeting up with friends, going on holiday or reading a new book. We must understand and respect that things affect people differently. 

For people with a mental health illness, Summer can be a very difficult time, due to the pressure there is to be happy. People are quick to make judgements and will quite often make ignorant comments, such as ‘lighten up, it’s sunny outside.’ Or ‘stop being so miserable, have you seen the weather?’ The chances are, the person will have noticed the weather but will still be stuck within the depths of their illness. Shocker!

However, when you’re poorly and you have to battle each day by waking up to fight your demons and manipulative thoughts, it isn’t easy to just ‘cheer up’ and many people fail to realise that just because the sun is out, it doesn’t magically make everybody’s problems go away, or even lessen. You can’t simply cheer up when you’re fighting yourself each day. Some people may make comments like this as a way of being helpful; I can confirm that they do more harm than anticipated.

The weather can have an effect on people’s mood, especially those suffering with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) but this doesn’t apply to everybody, meaning people still struggle with their illnesses and they are entitled to do so, too.

Telling somebody with depression to lighten up is just like telling somebody who is blind to just see, or telling somebody with no legs to just run. The symptoms of depression, and other mental illnesses, cannot just be cured by somebody telling them something that isn’t helpful or considerate.

Mental illnesses are manipulating, isolating and painful illnesses that take no day off because they do not care about the sufferer and they also don’t care about who they are destroying. Instead of being judgemental, we must be caring, kind and considerate to those who are suffering. We must offer a helping hand as opposed to turning our backs on the people who need help and love the most.

Ask people how their day has been, offer them a hug and support if they would like it. Be a friend and be supportive.

Lots of love and hugs,

Laur xx

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