Mental Health – The importance of speaking up

Today I will be writing about something which I feel is very important to speak about, which is the importance of speaking up about your mental health. The number of people being diagnosed with a mental illness is forever on the rise. It’s even been reported that primary school children are being prescribed antidepressants! Some people are still misinformed when it comes to knowing the basic ins and outs of these illnesses which is one of the main reasons we must speak up. To educate others.

Things won’t improve if we keep quiet. Remaining silent and keeping ourselves isolated with our issues definitely isn’t the answer. We need to face issues instead of hiding away from them.

Unfortunately, people take their own lives due to their mental health and the intense feelings of loneliness and worthlessness included in it. The truth is, mental illnesses kill and we must work hard to reduce the number of suicides caused by mental illnesses. I’d like everybody to know that there is always somebody out there who cares and who is rooting for you to get better. There is always hope and there is always something to fight for, which seems impossible to believe at the time!

Mental health is a taboo subject which is why we must keep speaking up in order to break the stigma and to, therefore, help more people. People tend to shy away from mental health and we must speak up about our issues in order to get help and support, but to also encourage other sufferers to do the same. Lots of people are fearful of speaking up due to the stigma of being labelled as ‘mental’ but I can reassure you that it isn’t like this at all! Plus, you’re not obligated to tell anybody about your struggles if you don’t wish to.

We must also inform people constantly that we are there for support and to be a shoulder to cry on. Nobody deserves to feel alone, everybody needs somebody and this can be achieved if we all stuck together and helped each other out.

Things to remember: 

  1. Speaking up about your mental health doesn’t make you a burden
  2. Speaking up about your mental health isn’t a form of attention seeking
  3. Speaking up about your mental health isn’t bad and it certainly won’t land you in any trouble
  4. People care and people have your best interests at heart, they want to help you to get to the light at the end of the tunnel
  5. Nobody is against you, despite what your head may be telling you

If we shy away from speaking up about our issues, we will be plagued with all of the nasty thoughts and emotions all by ourselves which will cause both frustration and aggravation. Telling somebody you trust is a huge, brave step and will allow you to relieve some of the tension and stress in your head. A problem shared is a problem halved and the chances are, you will feel tonnes better after telling another person how things are. You will be provided with support and understanding, aswell as coping mechanisms and emergency contact details you should use whilst in a crisis moment.

When I first sought help for my mental health (Anorexia, Depression and Anxiety) I firstly spoke to my Teacher about it because I trusted her and I was very anxious about going to the doctors as I had never really been for anything major before. Then after a phone call between my Mum and Teacher, I found myself sitting in the doctor’s waiting room and although it was terrifying at the time it was for the best and I encourage everybody to do the same. During this time, I realised that doctors aren’t scary and that they are actually very caring and understanding not the scary monsters I presumed.

Ten minutes in an appointment could potentially help to save your life. Speaking to somebody is the first, vital, step towards getting better. Please don’t be afraid, it’s just you taking little steps towards getting your life back.

I used to be very wary about speaking up about my mental health, but now I’ve come to realise that I have nothing to be ashamed of. Why should I be ashamed? My mental illnesses are NOT my fault, but people do choose to be ignorant and they’re the ones who should be ashamed, not me. I’m poorly and this is a journey in my life which I want to speak up about in order to raise awareness and to help other people to seek help too. If I could help even one person, that’d be incredible! I will not suffer alone just to please my illnesses. I will carry on taking each day as it comes and with a spring in my step, with the hopes of becoming stronger by the day and finally regaining my happiness, health and sparkle.

Speaking up is so important and I cannot stress just how helpful it is.

If you’re struggling, please seek help. If you know of anybody who is struggling, please offer them love, support and understanding aswell as encouraging them to seek professional help.

Lots of love and hugs,

Laur xx

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