Summer at Little Owl Farm

Today, I am going to be writing about Summer at Little Owl Farm (where I volunteer) so you can all hear about all the fun things that are taking place. I’ll obviously include lots of animal pictures because…why wouldn’t I?!

Little Owl Farm opened during Easter 2016, which means that this is the second Summer they’ve been open for. How exciting is that! I know there’ll be many more Summers to come at the farm and lots more memories made.  Since opening, more and more people are becoming aware of the farm and are taking it upon themselves to visit and to make beautiful little animal friends and to enjoy a homemade cake, or two, or ten! (Haha) The farm is becoming more known to people which is brilliant because they deserve every success in The World.

This is my favourite farm because it’s very friendly and there’s always things going on for people of all ages. Including crafts, animal finding and den making. And no two days are ever the same. Cindy comes up with some amazing craft ideas involving children sticking things together and decorating them to make a snail or a caterpillar (for example.) My favourite time was when a little boy mixed all of the glitters together so he could make a ‘rainbow cow.’ I mean, he wasn’t meant to do that but it was really funny and that turned out to be a really groovy cow. Without forgetting to mention the themed days and weeks that are regularly taking place, including book week which has just passed. Also, this farm allows children and adults to have a hands-on experience with the animals which is very important and exciting, though we have to ensure nobody leaves with a rabbit in their pocket…Or if you’re me, you may be tempted to steal a Goat 😉

It’s very clear that Cindy and John take lots of pride in their farm – as they should! And do their best to make sure everybody is happy and that they feel welcome. I know that when they ask how things are, they genuinely care, whereas some people may just ask to make a conversation. I’ve known Cindy and John for around 6 months now, but it feels like longer (in a good way!) as I tell them pretty much everything so I’m very lucky to have such understanding and supportive people in my life. They are the loveliest people I’ve ever had the privilidge of meeting. In addition to this, they always look happy to see people and get along with everybody (and animals of course) very well which makes people even more keen to carry on going back.

Go and visit Little Owl Farm this Summer (and this Autumn, Winter and next Spring too and all the ones after) as you’ll have a fantastic time meeting fellow animal lovers and you may even be lucky enough to have your face painted or you could even get an ice-cream after you’ve had fun feeding the animals. Not to forget Izaak’s new addition, Darwin! Who you do NOT want to miss like I accidentally did!!

Also, a huge shoutout to Cindy, John and Izaak for making their farm such an amazing place for both animals and people 🙂

Lots of love,

Laur xxx


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