National Volunteering Week – Little Owl Farm

E9C7FE19-BCD1-4DEE-9AB9-5FE6EFAE4851.jpegIt’s the beginning of National Volunteering Week, something I truthfully didn’t know about until yesterday (oops!) but all the same I’m very appreciative and thankful for all the wonderful opportunities I’ve had whilst volunteering – something I encourage others to take part in too. Volunteering continues to work wonders for my confidence with both animals and other people as I venture along my career pathway to working with animals. I want to thank Little Owl Farm (and everybody there) for bringing so much joy into my life and for always welcoming be back, despite my plans to steal Poppy and Mary-Jane. You didn’t hear that from me…

Volunteering isn’t just for enhancing the CV, it’s also wonderful at warming the soul and broadening the smile. Providing skills, knowledge and experience which will come in handy later on in life. It’s impossible not to smile when surrounded with my animal friends! Working with animals requires lots of practical work experience, which I can proudly say I enjoy doing more than anything else. 

Learning extends beyond textbooks and lecture theatres, it also comes in the form of staying outdoors all day and receiving strange looks whilst sitting on a bus smelling of Goats after mucking out with a Giraffe painted on your face.

I want to give a little insight into my favourite place to spend my time:

Little Owl Farm


Little Owl Farm is my favourite place with my favourite people (and animals) located in Oldham.

They say ‘home is where the heart is’, something that became apparent to me during my continuous volunteering at Little Owl Farm, a place I’ll treasure in my heart forever, as I enter the warm embrace of my animal friends, alongside my people friends: Cindy, John and Izaak who I like to think of as my little family. All of who bring me infinite happiness and show me nothing but kindness. I began volunteering there in 2017, with my only regret being that I didn’t find it sooner. Spending two hours on three buses travelling there is always worth it to be in a place I feel so welcome and at home. Some may think that’s crazy; I’ll travel any distance for Goat and Cindy hugs. Plus, it seems like nothing at all whilst I sit eagerly waiting to see what the day will have in store for me.

 Volunteering is magnificent because each day is different, especially with animals as they remain very unpredictable (but always cheeky!) which is always a definite pleasure to witness. They never fail to amaze me with their uniqueness and their quirks, their ability to express their needs. Ie: constant baa’ing for attention when it’s dinner time or when they want their hay net filling. And, of course, their ability to express emotions just like we do: happiness, sadness, contentment etc.

In conclusion, I’d like to praise Cindy, John and Izaak for all their hard work to make their farm as wonderful and enjoyable as it is today. They deserve nothing but success and happiness for never failing to make me proud and my heart happy.

For information and updates from Little Owl Farm:


Instagram: littleowlfarm








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