Little Owl Farm

Pygmy facts with the Pygmies!

Mary-Jane and Poppy are just two of the gorgeous residents happily living at Little Owl Farm in Oldham, Greater Manchester. I know for a fact they’d love to meet you!

Their cheeky, loving personalities and gentle souls are enough to broaden a smile onto anybody’s face. Especially mine, The Goat Girls’ – best nickname EVER!

I love these girls to pieces because they are incredibly affectionate and adorable. They love attention! Plus, they just have a tendency to warm my heart with their cuddles and inquisitiveness and they make me smile the biggest.

It’s always wonderful to educate ourselves into more animal facts, especially whilst making friends at the farm. And as The Goat Girl, it’s understandably my aim to convert others into Goat admirers too!


The gorgeous Daughter of Poppy. Just over 2 years old, Mary-Jane is a beautiful soul with a heart of gold. She loves attention…and food! Her big brown eyes constantly melt my heart.


The beautiful Mummy of Mary-Jane, an incredibly caring and protective Mummy at that. A laid back character, loving, reserved and gentle.

Pygmy Goats are well known for their playful, bouncy personalities and their love of climbing.

1) Pygmy Goats are a domesticated breed of Goat, one of the smallest breeds. (We’re blessed to have many beautiful breeds!) But that doesn’t negatively impact their joyous personalities and bundles of energy!

2) They weigh up to 85 pounds, with Males typically weighing significantly more than Females. Additionally, Males are slightly taller than Females. Standing at a height of around 23 inches.

3) This applies to ALL Goat breeds: A Female Goat is called a Doe, a Male Goat is called a Buck and a baby Goat is called a Kid.

4) They will eat a variety of different foods and have very hearty appetites. With hay taking up the largest quantity of their daily diet. Alongside pellets, fruits and vegetables. Oh, and fresh water of course!

5) In terms of Gestation (pregnancy) Pygmy Goats typically have a gestation period of up to 150 days. Shortly after birth, healthy kids can nurse from their mothers within minutes and are able to run and jump up to 4 hours later.

Be sure to head on over to Little Owl Farm to meet lots of wonderful animal friends!

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