Volunteering – Idlewild Animal Sanctuary


Idlewild Animal Sanctuary, Conwy Valley. North Wales.


September 2017 – Present.

I began volunteering at Idlewild Animal Sanctuary in September, 2017. I opted to partake in voluntary work alongside my university studies. I sent a message querying about volunteering, and was soon invited in for an induction.


The sanctuary remains close to my heart as it follows a vegan lifestyle, similar to my own. My roles at the sanctuary include basic animal care and husbandry (Cleaning out, feeding, grooming), whilst working with a collection of wonderful animal species. Including: Small and large mammals (Goats, Sheep, Donkeys and Rabbits) And birds. I’ve made friends grown in confidence and expanded on both my knowledge and experience within the animal care industry. 

I also enjoy spending quality time with the animals and encouraging them to remain both mentally and physically stimulated through different forms of enrichment. Alongside ensuring they are content and healthy. 

5 thoughts on “Volunteering – Idlewild Animal Sanctuary

  1. Love this post and great photos. I am a huge advocate of volunteering…the benefits to those both giving and receiving are great and usually are vastly underestimated. There is something out there for everyone in the world of volunteering. I write a daily short read blog and will try to extol the virtues of volunteering as much as I can. Happy Friday 😁

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    1. That’s incredible! I absolutely love Volunteering and try to get involved with different things as much as possible. Have a lovely day☺️


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