My Tickle a Tapir experience – Blackpool Zoo

On the 25th March 2018 I had the opportunity to meet the two gorgeous Brazilian Tapirs at Blackpool Zoo (for the second time) when carrying out the `Tickle a Tapir’ experience. I chose to book myself onto the experience following on from my Zookeeper day, where I developed a keen interest in Tapirs and fellContinue reading “My Tickle a Tapir experience – Blackpool Zoo”

The Donkey Sanctuary – Visiting our adopted boy Henry

Today I went on a visit to The Donkey Sanctuary, in Manchester with my Mum and her Boyfriend Chris. For Mother’s Day, I adopted my Mum a Donkey (named Henry) because she adores them and we had the privilege of meeting him today for the first time. We will definitely be paying some more visitsContinue reading “The Donkey Sanctuary – Visiting our adopted boy Henry”

Veganism – why I don’t exploit my animal friends

Definition of a Vegan: ‘A person who does not eat or use animal products’ Veganism. In this single word, I am already beginning to picture people rolling their eyes and throwing a glance my way as though I have two heads. I bet you think I’ve been paid to write this, or that I’m justContinue reading “Veganism – why I don’t exploit my animal friends”