Mental Health and education – Accepting the stage you’re at

In life lots of us feel that we must be at a certain stage in order to be accepted, valid and important and I am one of these people. Perfectionism at its finest eh? We live in a society where if you haven’t passed your driving test by the age of 18, you’re a loser.Continue reading “Mental Health and education – Accepting the stage you’re at”

Mental Health – The importance of speaking up

Today I will be writing about something which I feel is very important to speak about, which is the importance of speaking up about your mental health. The number of people being diagnosed with a mental illness is forever on the rise. It’s even been reported that primary school children are being prescribed antidepressants! Some peopleContinue reading “Mental Health – The importance of speaking up”

Understanding Anxiety – From a personal perspective

Today I will be writing about Anxiety as it’s something I struggle with personally and I find that it’s not spoken about as much as it should be (as a means of raising awareness and increasing understanding.) Anxiety: A feeling of worry, nervousness or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. We cannot always beContinue reading “Understanding Anxiety – From a personal perspective”

Summer – You do not have to hide away

Summer is rapidly approaching us, with this brings warmer weather, long walks in nature, holidays and unforgettable memories. Summer is a favourable month for the majority of people as the sun is said to boost their mood; this isn’t the case for everybody. This may seem exciting and will be an enjoyable time for most.Continue reading “Summer – You do not have to hide away”

Mental Health – You’re not alone in this

I decided to write a post on Mental Health and the feelings of loneliness, which is something I feel quite often. Though, ironically enough, I know I am not alone in my frequent feelings of loneliness as it’s a common feeling within us suffering from mental illnesses and amongst people in every day life IContinue reading “Mental Health – You’re not alone in this”

April – Autism Awareness Month

We have fastly approached April, which means that it’s time to partake in Autism Awareness Month which lasts all month, yay! Though, every day of every month should be used to raise awareness of Autism. This month is designed to raise awareness of Autism, but to also attempt to end the stigma which currently surroundsContinue reading “April – Autism Awareness Month”

Self harm alternatives – you do not deserve to hurt

Today is self harm awareness day. I haven’t always been open about my personal and current struggles with self-harm; I hate that it is such a taboo subject and people are afraid of seeking help and support for their struggles. I happen to find the subject difficult to talk about because unless you have anContinue reading “Self harm alternatives – you do not deserve to hurt”

A helping paw – animals and mental health

Today, I am writing about the importance of animals for mental health sufferers speaking from my personal experience(s) and will be touching upon the benefits of having animals by your side during your worst, and best, days. I spend the majority of my time with animals, whether they are my pets or the beautiful animalsContinue reading “A helping paw – animals and mental health”

Common ED misconceptions – from a sufferers perspective

As a sufferer of Anorexia Nervosa, I am prone to the stigma and common misconceptions which currently surround eating disorders (and other mental health illnesses, which will be mentioned in later blog posts!) We live in a modern day society, where technology and the world around is improving each and every day. Yet, disappointingly, ourContinue reading “Common ED misconceptions – from a sufferers perspective”