University – life lessons, goats and second year!

A year ago, I set off on a new and exhilarating adventure. University life. My first year as a University Student... Exciting! I'm now just a week away from beginning my second university year. Following my studies in Zoology with Animal Behaviour as I aim to become a voice for those in need of one.… Continue reading University – life lessons, goats and second year!

Little Owl Farm

A splendid Summer at Little Owl Farm

Well, Summer at Little Owl Farm has officially drawn to a close. My second Summer spent at the farm and I am extremely delighted about that! It's been an incredible, fun packed few months spent volunteering with my upmost enthusiasm and the best of people who continuously bring me joy and happiness. It's been thrilling… Continue reading A splendid Summer at Little Owl Farm

Little Owl Farm

Summer volunteering at the farm!

28/07/2018 Arriving into Oldham at roughly 10:30am, I was eager to get stuck in to what was bound to be another wonderful, smile broadening day. I habitually inform Cindy of my "best day EVER!" whenever I have spent the day volunteering at the farm due to the enjoyment I gain from being there, surrounded with… Continue reading Summer volunteering at the farm!

Little Owl Farm

Pygmy facts with the Pygmies!

Mary-Jane and Poppy are just two of the gorgeous residents happily living at Little Owl Farm in Oldham, Greater Manchester. I know for a fact they’d love to meet you! Their cheeky, loving personalities and gentle souls are enough to broaden a smile onto anybody's face. Especially mine, The Goat Girls’ - best nickname EVER!… Continue reading Pygmy facts with the Pygmies!

Mental Health

Be The Goat – Finding happiness amongst my animal friends

The wind is blowing, the sun is shining and contentment is flowing through my veins. On a day like today, I am thankful to be alive. And, sometimes, taking a moment to appreciate the beauty around us really works wonders. I can breathe, I can learn, I can hug and love and those are all… Continue reading Be The Goat – Finding happiness amongst my animal friends