Being discharged from The CMHT, my experience and my next steps!

For three years I’ve engaged with The CMHT (Community Mental Health Team). I’ve worked routinely with four different professionals within the service, ranging from care coordinators to psychiatric nurses. All of who have played a crucial role in the pathway to my recovery journey, and I am incredibly thankful for that. I HAVE NOW BEENContinue reading “Being discharged from The CMHT, my experience and my next steps!”

Health & wellness – A discovery journey

For the past 5 years, I’ve been starting my day between 6 and 6:30am. Crazy? No. Happiness inducing? Yes! I’ve been a proud early riser from a young age, with my Mum claiming that I was “awake before the birds” as I rushed downstairs excitedly to view my favourite animated series – Arthur, whilst wrappedContinue reading “Health & wellness – A discovery journey”

Olivia’s story: Animals + mental health

“There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life or you’re the one that will change theirs”. I had the privilege of meeting my wonderful, courageous friend, Olivia, through the use of social media. She very kindly opted to share her story about how rats haveContinue reading “Olivia’s story: Animals + mental health”

Autism and me: Suffering or growing?

It’s vastly approaching the 3-year bracket in which I received my Autism diagnosis back in 2016. Time has truly flown by! I often hear the term “suffering from Autism” which I felt encouraged to shed some light on, as somebody on the complex Autistic spectrum. I understand that the spectrum is large and people enlistedContinue reading “Autism and me: Suffering or growing?”

A journey: How to be open about Mental Health

Today, I wanted to talk about how I’ve grown more comfortable with speaking up about Mental Health. I’d like to view myself as a Mental Health advocate, the topic has become a passion of mine and something I enjoy speaking about and assisting others with. The conversation is important, always, not just when it’s MentalContinue reading “A journey: How to be open about Mental Health”

Suicidal thoughts: Stigma, encouragement and helplines!!

Hi everyone! Today, I wanted to talk about an (unfortunately) common topic – Suicidal thoughts. It’s a personal subject I tend not to delve too much into unless I’m having a conversation with my Nurse or Therapist as it’s quite a sensitive subject that admittedly frightens me the majority of the time. But I believeContinue reading “Suicidal thoughts: Stigma, encouragement and helplines!!”

Mental Health Monday – Working on myself, healing and finding happiness!

Hi everybody! Today, I wanted to welcome a new component to my blog: MENTAL HEALTH MONDAY I’ve noticed recently that I overwork myself and take very little time to focus on myself, my happiness and the art of recuperating after the stresses of every day life. I allow my anxieties to build up, with theContinue reading “Mental Health Monday – Working on myself, healing and finding happiness!”

Self harm: Help, hope and common misconceptions!

Hi everybody! Today, I wanted to talk about self harming. A personal struggle, and an issue for lots of brave people I care about. Thankfully, I am currently standing at almost 3 weeks self harm free! Following a 5 year battle with many relapses, feelings of doubt and the resistance of extremely high urges –Continue reading “Self harm: Help, hope and common misconceptions!”

2019: Diet culture, breaking rules and finding body positivity

I desperately want 2019 to be a revolution, the riddance of diet culture and fad diets in place of body confidence and the focus on the many benefits food has for our bodies. As a society, we’re fixated with our appearances and the number on the scale – easily forgetting that neither of those factorsContinue reading “2019: Diet culture, breaking rules and finding body positivity”

Hello 2019: Diet culture and recovery

Hello and a Happy New Year. I wish everybody a year filled with happiness, kindness and self love. And I’m sending masses of strength and courage to those in need of it. We can do this! I believe the start of a new year isn’t an indication of diets or weight loss as displayed inContinue reading “Hello 2019: Diet culture and recovery”